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Top 5 Design Tips For Your Replacement Windows Project

Changing your windows is a major investment. We beleive the more the home owner is educated in the area of window renovations, repairs, replacement and installation, the better off they will be.  We are pleased to have curated this blog post from  Feel free to visit their site and read the original article. 

Replacing windows increases the energy efficiency and updates the appearance of your home. It's a necessary project that also delivers big benefits over an extended period of time. But you need to know which are the best windows to install and why that design suits your situation better.

Top 5 New Window Design Tips

Tip 1 — Window Materials Matter

Your choice in materials will make a major difference to the longevity of the replacement windows. It may also make a difference to the shape and appearance of the windows. Be prepared to notice a major difference if you have wood-framed windows and choose another style as a replacement. This isn't a problem if you are replacing most or all of your windows, but in cases where you are only replacing individual windows, the difference may be marked.

Tip 2 - Aim for  Window Energy Efficiency

Double glazed windows are nearly a necessity in today's homes. Triple glazed lines are also on the market, although the efficiency levels of this type are nearly the same as the highest quality double glazed product. Be sure that you research the USA Energy Ratings (ER) system that applies to windows and choose the best rated window you can afford. Go into the showroom well equipped with up to date information and listen carefully to what the salesperson recommends. Use your own knowledge and research to protect yourself from being pressured into choosing the wrong type of window.

Tip 3 — Your Windows and Natural Light

From the inside of your home examine whether the existing size of window lets in enough natural light. You can add warmth and brightness to your interior space with expansive windows. Choosing a bay window actually creates more space in the room, as well as adding light. Windows with arched tops, transoms and other irregular shapes are also a great choice to make the inside of your home more comfortable and inviting.

Tip 4 — Creating Better Traffic Flow - Do you need a window?

There are certain situations where a window can actually be replaced by a door. French doors and patio doors not only add more light, they can also help to improve the traffic flow in the house and even allow you to use the patio or backyard more. Build a small balcony off of the master bedroom and replace one of the windows with a sliding door, creating a private oasis for relaxation and retreat. This type of replacement can be a major improvement in more ways than one.

Tip 5 — Added Elements to Your Windows for Visual Interest

Even the plainest of windows can be dressed up with added elements. Window grilles can break up a large window or add character to window panes across the front of your home. Stained glass is an unexpected element that will look gorgeous inside and out — try this on a window in your stairway or bathroom. Etched glass will produce a similar look without the color. This type of decorative elements will personalize your home and allow your replacement windows project to truly update the look and feel of your house.

A replacement windows project is an investment that will improve the look and boost the efficiency of your home. With these five design tips in mind you can be sure to install the best type of windows and have the greatest end result. Choose the right framing material and the window with the highest efficiency rating within your budget range. Let in the maximum amount of light and consider whether patio doors make sense in the space. Finally dress up your replacement windows with decorative elements for a custom look. Add these together and your new windows will be sure to change the face and feel of your home for the better.



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