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SUBURB3 in Maricopa County, Arizona - Interior and Exterior Door Types and Painting Tips

We are pleased to have curated this blog post from  Feel free to visit their site and read the original article.  These are great tips to think about when thinking of replacing the windows in your home or business and energy efficiency.

There are several things to consider about interior and exterior door replacement choices before undertaking a door painting project. Take a look at the following types of doors available:

Exterior or Interior Panel Door

A Modern interior wood door with panels usually consists of a vertical stile with horizontal rail framework. This type construction helps counter the wood's tendency to shrink, swell, or warp because of changes in humidity. Spaces between frame members can consist of a door panel made from wood, metal, or glass — such as an interior beveled glass door.

Interior or Exterior Bifold Door

An exterior or Interior Bifold Door is hinged in the center. As the door opens and closes, half of the door pivots on fixed pins while the other half slides along a header track secured to the head jamb.

French Door

French doors have rectangular panes of glass that extend the full length of the door. They are usually hung in pairs on one frame; an interior or exterior double French door design, with both doors opening outward.

Exterior or Interior sliding door

An interior or exterior sliding door is one that slides open, instead of swinging open. Whether single or double leaf, sliding doors open horizontally by use of overhead trolleys or bottom wheels.

Folding Door

A door, usually interior, that opens by folding back in sections.

Exterior or Interior Prehung Door

Although a prehung interior door costs more, everything required for door installation is included: door hinges and jamb, stop, and casing moldings; sometimes even latches. All in one precisely made component, making the task easier for the do it yourself door installation homeowner.

Interior or Exterior Dutch Door

Exterior or Interior Dutch door design consists of two horizontal halves that may be opened together or individually. A type wood door design introduced to America by early Dutch colonists during the early 1600's.

Interior or Exterior Double Door

An exterior or interior double door consisting of two vertical doors that meet in the middle of the door frame when closed, and swing open to allow entry. The door can consist of standard sized or wider door units.

Security Door

This type door consists of a hollow metal construction design that resists forced entry. Usually used for commercial purposes, but many home owners opt for a security door as the entry door for their home.

Sliding Glass Door

A door consisting of one or more panels that move horizontally on a track or in roller-type grooves. The most popular of all choices as a patio door, or one that opens into a backyard.Of course, there are many other types of doors available in various designs, made from different materials. Including custom exterior door and interior door options that are nearly endless.
Door material, size, weight, type, and condition of the door all affect door installation difficulty level as well as time requirements necessary for an exterior and interior door painting project.

Door Painting Tips

When it comes to proper painting procedures for a door, exterior door finish preparation combined with the right choice in exterior door paint is of prime importance.

Whether the door is wood, metal, or fiberglass, make sure the door has a surface that paint will adhere to and that paint used is right for door material type. Use only exterior paint on exterior doors.

Before painting, properly prepare the door surface. This might entail sanding, repairing holes, dents, scratches, and dings, and cleaning the surface using a solvent specifically made for that purpose.

Tape or remove all hardware before painting. When painting exterior doors, begin with framework; first paint the stile, and then panels. Finish by painting rails and then jambs — head, sides, and bottom.

Make sure to paint a tight seal between door trim (jamb) and the wall or siding — especially over the top of the door.

For interior doors, prepare surface and then tape or remove all hardware. Start by painting the molded edges; fill in the panels. Paint the hinge stile and rail, and then paint the latch stile (see definitions below).

Stile — The vertical side member or upright edge of a door panel.

Panel — The separate sheet or panel of material in a door frame; such as panels of wood.

Rail — The horizontal bar usually made of wood; the top and bottom horizontal members of the framework of a door.

Jamb — The vertical framing members and head lining of a doorway; including studs, frame, and trim. The hinge jamb is where hinges or pivots are installed. The strike jamb is where the strike (a metal plate that holds a latch and/or dead bolt) is installed, from which the door opens and closes.

Doors that are flush are easier and quicker to paint. Using either a quality brush or roller gets good but different results. When using a brush on wood doors, paint in the direction of the grain.

If paint gets on hardware, wipe off immediately. If hardware was previously painted, soak overnight in paint remover. And then buff the surfaces lightly with steel wool.

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